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Behind every collector's obsession is a story. Hear the world's most passionate enthusiasts share surprising tales about their personal collections — and their unbreakable connections with them.


... the show

Most collectors love to show off what they’ve collected. Whether their collection is more traditional, such as stamps or coins or toys, or something more “outside the box,” there’s pride — and, almost always, an unyielding passion — driving every collector’s story.

This podcast doesn’t just focus on “the stuff.” It also shines its spotlight on the mindset of the featured collectors. With a blend of curiosity, history, and humor, For Keeps explores the things we collect — and why we do it in the first place.

... the host

I'm a writer and editor with a background in print journalism and an appreciation for the power of podcasts, conversations, and audio storytelling. In 2017, I took the plunge and began self-producing For Keeps. I hope you enjoy these episodes as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

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Oh, and here's an interview I did with MetaPod, a podcast about podcasts in July 2022.

— David Peterkofsky